I T Consultancy Limited - Domain Name Registration

I T Consultancy Limited does not offer domain registration services to the general public, nor does it provide any form of website or email services relating to domain name registrations.

Where I T Consultancy Limited acts as a registrar in respect of domain names, each registrant will have entered into a contract by exchange of email providing the terms and conditions of such registration, which (amongst other things):-

  • include reference to, and incorporate, the relevant registry terms and conditions;
  • stipulate that any requests for changes should be made by telephone and not by email;
  • advise that domain names will normally be held to auto-renew unless the registrant advises otherwise;
  • advise that any hosting is provided free of charge with any registry fees being disbursed at cost.
  • Nominet UK - Additional Requirements

    In addition, Nominet UK (the registry for .uk domain names) require that the following information is published on a website:-

    Our contact details are:-

    	I T Consultancy Limited
    	Greve d'Azette
    	St Clement
    	JE2 6PX
    	Telephone: 01534 509000

    We are required to describe "customer service commitments". The aim would be to return all telephone calls or voicemails left within one working day, which would constitute an "acknowledgement" of the communication.

    In the unlikely event of any formal complaint, it should be sent by recorded delivery post to the above address and will be responded to within 3 working days of delivery. If this is not resolved satisfactorily, it probably in the best interests of all parties if the domain(s) were transferred elsewhere. Upon receipt of a bone fide instruction from a complaining registrant, we will promptly "retag" the domain(s) without charge. Registrants may, of course, escalate any complaint to Nominet.

    Finally, notwithstanding that the terms of conditions preclude email, we are required to publish an email address here, which is hostmaster at itconsult.net. Any abuse matters should be sent to the traditional address of abuse at itconsult.net, noting that we have a "zero tolerance" policy for any network abuse from our users as stipulated in our terms and confitions.